Woman Particolare: Popa

In search of the Dolce Vita, the fashion designer and singer of Lithuanian origin Maria Popadnicenko has become an emblematic figure of the Italian new wave: Popa, a Particolare Woman.

Bon Vivant, Tocco di Lusso, Io Lei e Tu, now Notte Magica… you write songs and tell us stories about this country you have chosen. Why Italy, why Milan?

Since I was a child my dream was to live in Italy,because of it’s incredibly rich and fascinating culture and ofcourse  the concept of dolce vita, which I wanted to experience not only once in a while while travelling for a holiday to Italy, but on a daily basis! For me Milan is a place where fashion, music, art, finance and chicness crisscross between each other and as I am a fanatic of decadent aesthetics and gossip there’s so much of inspiration and intriguing stories I can find in this dynamic city.


The lyrics of your songs as well as the melodies are always very well chosen but you don't stop there, you realize all the communication around, until making your own video clips, a Particolare creative spirit! How do you proceed?


All my inspiration comes from everyday life, people I meet and some sort of a collective feeling that we share in a certain moment of time. I like to express that emotion through my lyrics and videos. I love to live in the moment and absorb everything that happens around me and turn it into a sonority straight away – I see life like a never ending musical.


Dj for brands like Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini during fashion weeks, creator of the jingle and advertising for Moon Boots, your choices are always festive, colourful, out of the ordinary, out of time. Where do you find your inspiration? What are the links you make between fashion and the music?

I believe that fashion and music can’t exists one without the other. I also feel that the creative process of designing a fashion collection is very similar to the one of creating a music album,only the tools are different. My inspiration mostly comes from the 60s 70s and 80s music and lifestyle... I am very fascinated of how music was composed and arranged in that period and how together with the sound also the fashion was changing - that makes me feel a bit melancholic and in need of bringing back a bit of the beauty and fun of those times.


After studying fashion in Florence at the Polimoda where you teach today, you worked for Pucci, Max Mara…What interests you in fashion?

I am very keen to analyse fashion through how individually people create their own style. I often question myself on how a certain lifestyle shapes a certain fashion language and how people personalise it in their own authentic way.I am definitely not a trend chaser.


With your Spotify list Popa Takeover, you share your universe for our Aperitivo this summer, while you are on tour all over Italy. Tell us about your universe.

My universe consists of whimsical immersions into Italian dolce vita, where at Cortina people still ski with jeans and at Forte dei Marmi everyone is dressed in silk or linen made to measure tailoring by Caraceni.I love Italians who are tanned 365 days per year wear a combination of chic looks and good manners and are in constant search for maxi wellness and beautiful destinations.


Which bag did you choose from Object Particolare and why?

I chose Vitti Mini Coulisse, I love its simplicity and it will match my beige cashmere coat :) Total beige is my ultimate Sciura Milanese look!


If this Particolare bag was to be a song?

It would be for sure “Object of my desire” a song by Starpoint :)