Woman Particolare: Laura Angelone

French native Laura Angelone is embracing the culture clash in Los Angeles

Digital consultant, working-mother and all-round creative, Laura Angelone is a multi-talented woman with a style and sensibility worth admiring. Laura pairs French-girl minimalism - she was born in Biarritz – with a helping of clashing colours and bold accessories in an enviously easy way. Although newly transplanted to Los Angeles, amidst all the glitz and celebrity, Laura retains her relaxed European aesthetic radiating effortless polish and a quieter, more refined sense of style. Laura also has a natural art director’s eye. Just look to her Instagram where polished outfit shots on top of balconies, elegant still lifes and tasteful architectural photographs all have a place. To find out more, we spoke with Laura about her unlikely career path, hand bag requirements and her new life in Los Angeles. 

Tell us about your career trajectory - how did you come to be in fashion?

I didn’t study fashion but I went to business school and specialized in marketing and communication. At 28, I was working in the luxury cosmetics industry in Paris but after meeting my husband and moving to the USA, I started a fashion blog and went freelance. One thing led to another, and I recently started a social media and content creation company, working with smaller fashion brands who need help with their digital strategies.

What does a normal day look like for you?

It really depends but it isn’t super exciting! I wake up very early to answer emails from my French clients who are nine hours ahead, so I’m up around 6am to ensure I can talk to them. I take my son to school and mostly return home to work at my computer or I’ll meet my photographer for a shoot somewhere. As a blogger I receive packages everyday - that’s my favourite part - so I constantly need to create content. I have a mini studio at home but most of the time we shoot outside. I try to go to the gym or do pilates at least 30 minutes a day, because I spend so much time sitting in front of my computer.

Who’s your style icon and why?

It has been Charlotte Gainsbourg for years. I love her androgynous, simple and minimal style.
I love to get inspired by girls who dare to wear bold outfits, but at the end of the day, I feel the most comfortable and feminine with beautiful basics.

You’re half French, half Italian - what are your favorite parts about these two different cultures?

Are they that different though? Now that I live in the USA, which is a country with an Anglo-Saxon culture, I feel like France and Italy are so similar: two countries with a rich history, amazing architecture, food, fashion... and people with a real temper!

You’re a French woman living in Los Angeles - what are your Los Angeles handbag essentials and how do they differ from Paris?

The lifestyle in LA is totally different from Paris: here everyone owns a car and drives from one place to another, so it really changes how women dress. In Paris, you need to wear comfy clothes because you walk a lot and you need a bag that will easily transition from day to night. In LA, instead of carrying your life in your purse, you put everything in your car - at least that's what I do! - which allows women to wear smaller bags with just a few essentials: phone, keys, a few makeup pieces.

What do you always have in your handbag?

My phone, of course. Sunglasses and sunscreen because it's LA and it’s always sunny!

Tell us about your perfect bag - what are some of the must-have features?

First, the style must be pretty minimal, I like simple shapes and clean lines. It must have an easy-to-use closing system. I do have a few bags that look really cool but are a nightmare to close such as the clips won't work or the zipper is in a weird position. Also, because I’m a mother and constantly running after a four year old boy, I need a bag that will make my life easier so it needs to have a long strap so I can wear it across my body.

Photo credit: Laura Angelone