Petra Langerova and Eric Joselzon

Craftsmanship, timeless design and thoughtful ways of working – Object Particolare was founded in 2018 by designer Petra Langerova’s desire for a more considered approach to luxury.
Object Particolare creates beautiful modern bags for women with particolare style.

The Origin Story…

The idea for Object Particolare was sparked when Petra Langerova developed the Petra bag collection as head of design for the disruptive fashion company, Everlane, and discovered the extraordinary level of craftsmanship coming from Italy’s leather factory, Siloe. Petra immediately saw potential for design excellence and a personal project on the horizon. Flash forward to 2017, when at a New York meeting with Siloe’s CEO, Eric Joselzon, the decision to create the first internal brand was made, harnessing the talents of the factory with Petra’s distinct creative vision behind it. Inspired and excited, Petra left her New York home of 23 years for Milan to dedicate herself to the brand that would become Object Particolare.

The Making Of…

Just like a quintessential European wine Object Particolare is the product of its place and uncompromising standards. ‘Made in Italy’ here means hand-made using the preserved skills and passed-on knowledge of artisans that came before. Each craftsperson handles just one bag at a time, a traditional and luxurious approach to leather making and the epitome of artisanal. This makes every Object Particolare bag unique, just like the woman who chose it.