1. General Information About the Seller

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereafter also referred to as “GT&CS”) govern the sale of merchandise by Jackie S.R.L. (hereafter also referred to as "Seller," or "Object Particolare") for any purchase made by the Proponent (hereinafter also "Customer," or "Buyer") through the website www.objectparticolare.com regardless of how the website is accessed or through which technologies the purchase is made. 
1.2 The set of General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the "online purchase procedure" and of the "order form" are hereafter defined as "Contract Proposal" or “Agreement".

2. Identification of the Seller

2.1 The products purchased on the website "www.objectparticolare.com" are sold directly by Jackie S.R.L. (hereafter referred to as "Object Particolare" or the "Seller"), a company registered in the Milan Register of Companies, REA number MI-2100467, Fiscal Code and VAT no. 09591170965 with registered office in Via Aurelio Saffi 25, 20123 Milan (MI), Italy.

3. Outlining of the Contract

3.1 Following the online purchase process through completion the online order form on www.objectparticolare.com, the Customer accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and consents to the processing of personal data, undertaking the purchase of selected products and agrees to pay in full in advance by credit card, bank transfer or Paypal.
3.2 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the details contained in the website www.objectparticolare.com do not constitute an offer to the public, as the acquisition is defined as concluded only and exclusively when the Contract Proposal from the Customer is accepted by the Seller.
3.3 To place an order, the Customer must follow the purchase process online.
3.4 The order form contains a reference to the GT&CS, the Return Policy, a summary of the information on the essential characteristics of each product ordered, the relative price (including all taxes, but not including any third party duty or shipping charges as outlined in Section 7.3), the method of payment accepted, the method of delivery, as well as the costs of shipping and delivery.
3.5 Receipt of the order is confirmed by Object Particolare by email response, sent to the email address supplied by the Customer. The message re-states the data entered by the Customer, any information concerning the essential characteristics of the product, the indication of the price, payment methods, shipping methods and costs and applicable taxes. It is the Customer’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of information confirmed and promptly communicate any necessary corrections, according to the procedures described in this document.
3.6 Saffi 25 reserves the right to evaluate, accept, and refuse an order received by the Customer. The Seller will inform the Customer of the refusal to accept an order within 30 days of selection and purchase and will refund any amount already paid by the Customer.
3.7 With the electronic transmission of the order form, the Customer accepts unconditionally and undertakes the responsibility to observe, in relationship with the Seller, these Conditions of Sale. If the Customer does not agree with any of the terms listed in the GT&CS, the Customer is advised to refrain from placing an order for purchase of products on objectparticolare.com.
3.8 By submitting the order form, the Customer agrees to the awareness and acceptance the GT&CS and any additional information contained in the www.objectparticolare.com website and its links, including the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of objectparticolare.com.

4. Product features

4.1 The Customer may only purchase from the selection of Products present in the online catalog visible within www.objectparticolare.com at the time of placing the order and as described by relevant information.

5. Prices

5.1 The agreed-upon price of each Product is that which is explicitly indicated on the Site at the moment the Customer places an order. The price includes standard packing costs, VAT (if applicable) and any indirect taxes (if applicable). The price does not include shipping costs which are calculated before confirming the order transmitted. The Seller will communicate shipping costs to the Customer at the time of purchase, which is in addition to the product price and its handling costs and applicable taxes. 
5.2 Product prices may be subject to change as determined by the Seller. The Customer agrees to pay the total price including above-mentioned charges at the time the order is transmitted electronically.

6. Methods of payment

6.1 Object Particolare accepts payment methods using: credit card and Paypal. Note that the Customer is responsible for any and all costs associated with the transaction. 
6.2 In case of payment by credit card, personal financial information (such as card number, card holder name, address and expiration date) will never be used by the Seller except to complete the transaction related to the Customer’s purchase or to issue a refund in case of return as outlined in Section 8 of the GT&CS, if the Customer exercises the right of return, or if it is necessary to prevent or report the commission of fraud on objectparticolare.com to the police or authorities.

7. Delivery of Merchandise

7.1 Delivery will not be made to hotels, professional addresses or post office boxes.
7.2 The delivery of products is made to the address indicated by the Customer only after completion of the payment of relevant order. In compliance with the provision contained in art. 61 of the Consumer Code, Object Particolare will process the order of merchandise no later than 30 days after the date of completion of the Purchase Contract upon receipt of the purchase price, unless otherwise communicated by Object Particolare within the same deadline of any potential non-acceptance of the order as outlined in Section 3.6.
7.3 The Customer is responsible for any additional costs, charges, tax and/or importation duty incurred in destination country, for any reason whatsoever, to the Products ordered according to these GT&CS.
7.4 The Customer declares that the lack of knowledge at the time of order of any additional costs, charges, duties, and/or taxes as outlined in Section 7.3 does not constitute grounds for termination of the Contract and is not in any way the responsibility of the Seller.
7.5 The Customer will be advised the name and contact of the Seller-appointed carrier for the delivery of purchased products, by text message or e-mail. The Customer has the right to contact the carrier to arrange alternative later delivery date if necessary.
7.6 In the event that at the time of delivery the package arrives with visible imperfections, the Customer (or recipient in accordance with Section 7.1) must proceed to open the package in the presence of the carrier and check the condition of the product contained therein. In the event that the product is damaged, the Customer (or recipient) must detail in writing on the delivery confirmation in accordance with the carrier, all the damages detected. Any complaints must be submitted in the manner provided for in the Section 8.

8. Guarantees and Claims

8.1 All products offered and sold by Object Particolare are designed and manufactured in Italy.
8.2 Each item available on Object Particolare is covered by the manufacturer's standard warranty pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05 ("Consumer Code"). The customer will therefore be recognized the rights referred to in art. 130 of the Consumer Code and these rights must be exercised within the terms set forth in art. 132 of the Consumer Code.
8.3 Damage caused by misuse is not guaranteed and Object Particolare will not be held liable for direct or indirect damages deriving from improper use by the Customer of the products sold.
8.4 The essential characteristics of the products are presented on the Website on each product’s page. The images and colors of the displayed products may exhibit slight differences from the actual products due to the Internet browser and monitor variations.
8.5 Any claim or complaint can be forwarded to the Seller’s Customer Service.

9. Right to Return

9.1 The Customer may withdraw from the Contract without providing motivation within the strict deadline of 15 calendar days from receiving the product.
9.2 The right to return as indicated in Section 9.1 must be expressed via email communication sent to the following address:  info@objectparticolare.com  in compulsory compliance with the regulations below:
9.2a The Buyer must request return by communication via email to  info@objectparticolare.com.
9.2b The Buyer will arrange for the return of merchandise.
9.2c Once the returned merchandise has been received, a Object Particolare employee will check the status of the product;
9.2d Reimbursement is subject to verification and clearance by Object Particolare who will determine the condition of the returned product;
9.2e A Customer who wishes to return merchandise is obliged to pay the return and taxes. Please know that custom taxes may be expensive in some countries.
9.3 Without prejudice to the provisions of Section 9.2d, in the event the Seller accepts the return of a product, Object Particolare will reimburse all payments received by the Customer deducting the price of custom taxes. 
9.3a Refund will be made by the same payment method used by the Customer to complete the order;
9.3b The Buyer will be notified by email of the reimbursement payment;
9.4 In the event that the Buyer has received merchandise that is damaged or has obvious defects, Object Particolare will reimburse the Customer the total amounts paid and return without taxes of his country.
9.6 Object Particolare reserves the right to return to the Customer any product returned by the Customer claiming to be damaged, but which demonstrates poor condition due to obvious negligence or use on the part of the Customer.

10. Privacy

10.1 The Customer declares to have read the INFORMATION REGARDING THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA pursuant to Art. 13 of the EU General Regulation on the protection of personal data n. 679/2016 by accessing the Privacy Policy
10.2 The Customer declares to have carefully read the Conditions of Use of Object Particolare which contains important information on how the Buyer’s personal data will be used and processed, and on the security systems implemented.
10.3 For any other information on the Privacy Policy of Object Particolare, the Customer may send requests to the following e-mail address: info@objectparticolare.com or to the address of the Seller's registered office in Via Aurelio Saffi 25, 20123 Milan (MI), Italy.

11. Written Request of Order Modification

11.1 Only modifications submitted in writing to the Seller of the Purchase Proposal or the General Conditions will be recognized.

12 Safeguard Cause - Choice of Law

12.1 If the individual provisions and clauses relating to the Contract stipulated with the Customer on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and details are not valid, the validity of the remaining agreements cannot be, in any case, prejudiced.
12.2 Should the agreement be void, unclear or unenforceable, it will thus be interpreted by the rules contained in the Italian civil code and according to the principle of good faith.
12.3 It is agreed that in all cases, the interpretation of this agreement must preserve the economic objective that the parties have agreed to follow.

13. Place of performance and jurisdiction

13.1 The General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and in particular by the legislative decree 6 September 2005 n. 206, about consumer code, with specific reference to the legislation on distance Contracts and by the legislative decree 9 April 2003 n. 70 on certain aspects concerning electronic commerce.

14. Changes and Updates to GT&CS

14.1 The General Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to occasional modification in consideration of possible regulatory changes. The new Conditions of Sale will be effective from the date of publication on www.objectparticolare.com.