Woman Particolare: Francesca Molteni

Francy (Francesca) Molteni is The  Particolare  queen of Lago di Como. Indeed, her Tessabit store is the kingdom of all fashionistas visiting this wonderful region of Italy.

Tessabit celebrates its 70th anniversary, have you been steeped in fashion with this store since your youngest age? What is your role at Tessabit?

First of all, Tessabit are the words fabrics (tessuti) and Clothes (abiti) put together. My grandfather, the founder, invented this name because he was a tailor who make clothes for important people with beautiful fabrics. So, the name makes sense in Italian but can also be used abroad because it sounds well. This name is 70 years old. I am very proud of my grandfather. My family then continued the business, being one of the first in the world to have a multi-brand store. My father travelled a lot to discover new brands. I've been working in the shop since I was 14, when I wasn't going to school, on weekends and on holidays. I was always there. Then we grew up with my brother who developed Farefetch Italia and I was my father's right hand in Tessabit. The most important thing for me is detail and quality.



Tessabit is not just a shop, it's an institution. Lately you also do events and collaborations. How do you manage all of this?

Jacquemus asked me the same question yesterday! We are a small team but we help each other a lot. Building the right team is important. We've been making ice cream with Loewe's cart lately and it's been a lot of fun. We create also, with Ami, a very French event: Paris à Como. I like to imagine these events. I also like to take care of opening shop like the world's first Jacquemus store in Cernobio, Louis Vuitton store in Villa d'Este, now Dior... as long as they knock on us to work together, everything is fine! It's a great experience to live!


Your work with your family every day. Do you find a way to find your place as a Woman Particolare?

It is difficult to work with your own family especially when you are the only woman and the youngest, but we divide the tasks. I travel a lot and people made fun of me because I go to all Fashion Weeks. But I think it's important to discuss, meet and discover new people, new brands.


Always at the forefront of fashion, however you have your own Particolare style. Do you think fashion is a way to express yourself?

Fashion is definitely a way to express yourself but everyone has their own body. I am very curved. I would like to wear things that are trendy but I have to understand what suits me. Your mood also influences the way you dress. I don't consider myself a victim of fashion, I have my own taste. Being in the buying side of this fashion world, I get informed a lot.


In your work, in your fashion choices and in your daily life, who are the people who inspire you?

Being the youngest in the family I always have to demonstrate. I am not someone who is inspired by others. I want to have my own identity. The important thing for me is act differently.


The perfect day for a woman Particolare in Como?

Go shopping in the center of Como, walk along the lake, have lunch at Harry's Bar, take a nap with a massage in the spa of Villa D'Este, take a tour in the center of Cernobio with the Jacquemus shop and our accessories shop and in the evening, you have to go to my new restaurant: La Piazzetta, in the secret garden!


What is the Particolare bag you have chosen to wear and why?

I chose the Vitti Coulisse Crema, because it can be perfect in the day and in the night. I can go out in the morning and come back at home late in the evening without knowing my schedule. My Vitti Coulisse is a multitasting bag that goes with all my looks. This crema color tastes like holidays.